Modular Furniture Manufacturers


Our Furniture Decoration Profiles, which have been storming in our country with the trend initiated by Dörtdivan in 2008, still adorn the surfaces of the best-selling furniture models in most furniture manufacturers.

Our company closely follows the designs of leading global companies in furniture design.

We can develop special foils for your Bedroom and Dining Room Furniture designs. In addition, with our Decoband edge bands produced in our group company Bapas A.S., we achieve full compatibility with both chipboard surfaces and profile.

You can realize your designs that cannot be made in MDF profile with DECOLUX furniture profiles.

With Decolux furniture profiles, you can design models that cannot be made with MDF profiles.

In addition, you can evaluate our DECOLUX furniture profiles that we produce with economical formulation instead of PVC foil covered MDF lapels which have increased in cost in recent years.

With years of experience in the furniture industry, we would be pleased to provide you with our support for design, production and R&D on decoration profiles.