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Our Decolux skirting profiles are made of environmentally friendly Polymer materials that are not affected by water, moisture, physical strength and can be cut and assembled like wood based profiles.

Disadvantages encountered in MDF skirting boards are definitely not experienced in Decolux skirting profiles. MDF skirting profiles are actually like GMO maize, as MDF skirtings deform from moisture and moisture over time, as they host various types of bacteria and fungal formations and release formaldehyde, a carcinogenic chemical into the atmosphere inside the homes. Our Decolux high density PS skirting profiles are made of materials that are completely environmentally friendly and comply with the European standarts.

We can offer more competitive prices against MDF skirting profiles with PVC foil. And especially against lacquered MDF skirting, our lacquered Decolux skirting offers a considerable price advantage in our high-tech painting facilities.

We can produce even the most voluminous skirting demands in our production facilities with high production capacity in a very short time.

In addition, we can produce models that are impossible to manufacture with MDF.

Especially Decolux skirting profiles, which form a very good pair with LVF parquets, are among the products we produce the most.DECOLUX will be your only address for your skirting needs.

Decolux will be your only address for your skirting solutions.